Weird Sleeper

Now that I look back at my life, even as far back as my first sleepovers as a kid, I’ve always slept differently than anyone else I know. I’ve always woken many times during the night, and often had intense nightmares that would stick with me after waking in such a way that I would occasionally see elements of my dreams in/around my bed. That’s a hard thing to explain to other children at a sleepover.

In school, I was always tired, but I chalked that up to the poor sleep. It had always been that way, so I knew no other normal, and didn’t really question doctors when they prescribed sleeping pills that rarely helped. Like Ambien–Ambien is a long, strange trip for me. I can’t help but wake up during the night, even on that stuff, which led to some interesting “Ambien Walrus” moments…one time I received a surprise delivery of 50 kitchen sponges, some really cute, but ill-sized shoes, and a box of candy bars I don’t even like. I was baffled. So I had a look at my shopping history, and there it was, purchased at 2:47 AM on a Wednesday morning. I stopped taking Ambien shortly thereafter.

So…if you see any posts that make very little sense, but are still oddly humorous, that’s an indication that whatever sleeping trick I’m trying is allowing me to essentially sleep walk and interact with both inanimate objects and other people as though completely drunk and a bit dumber than usual. Enjoy it. I do – reading what my walrus has written rarely provided any solid revelations, but I like a good nonsensical romp now and then.

Cheers to Ambien Walruses everywhere! -=Dee=-

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