Week 3 of Xyrem

Hot damn! Last night was the best night of sleep I think I’ve ever had. I woke in a good mood. As in, I was smiling when I turned off my alarm clock. I’m usually awake by the time it goes off, just kinda hanging out in bed just in case I get to doze off again. But this morning? This morning was very different.

My alarm clock is part of the Sleep Cycle app, which monitors my sleep stages in order to wake me when I’m in a lighter stage of sleep, which usually mitigates the “FIRE! FIRE! FIRE!” feeling I get when I’m pulled out of deeper stages of sleep. I give it a 30 minute range for when I want to get up, then it determines the best time in there to wake me, and it uses an alarm that starts quiet and increases in volume slowly. Love that bit, too.

So last night, when I set my alarm to wake me between 8:00 and 8:30, I assumed I’d be awake around 6:30 as usual, and would just turn it off when I got out of bed. I couldn’t have been more wrong. It woke me at 8:17 AM. And I literally smiled, rolled over, and tapped it to snooze. I SNOOZED! I rarely get the opportunity to hit snooze, so that was a great start! When it went off again several minutes later, I was ready to start my day. Not dragging like usual, not grumpy, just a little woozy still from the Xyrem. (That’s normal–you can’t drive for 6 hours after your 2nd dose, and the first hour after waking can be a little … floaty?) Overall, an amazing start to my Friday!

I’m starting my third week of Xyrem with a real spring in my step. Last week was utterly unremarkable after that first night. And that might happen this week, too. But last night’s sleep was so good, and I feel so remarkably on-the-ball this morning, that I don’t care if I don’t sleep well for a week. I feel rested for what seems like the very first time–hey, it might be the first time–I can’t remember waking like this unless it’s several days into a trip (business or pleasure) far, far away from home. Somehow, when I worked in Taiwan, I slept like a baby. Ditto working on Grand Cayman Island. Even when I was last in Vienna, Austria for a conference, despite being kinda harried due to trying to hit all the good panels combined with a distinct need to see ALL the things, I still slept the sleep of the innocents.

I’m staying at Mom’s this week (she’s toward the end of a very long battle with melanoma, so I’m trying to visit as much as possible), and I was dreading trying to sleep here. At home, I have black-out curtains that help me SO MUCH. But Momma is a creature of light, so her guest room is bright and cheery. Sunny yellow sheets, even! She has two adorable dogs whom I love like furry siblings, but I’m just allergic enough that I have a low-grade headache when I’m here, so I wasn’t excited about sleeping in the bed that I know the dogs use as their own when no guests require it. Luckily, the Flonase I picked up has helped a lot. Still have a bit of the headache, but I’m not sneezing my face off, so that’s pretty great. The best part is that I got to wake up from the best sleep ever and see my mom. She got the first smiles of the day, as she should. Big loves for that lady. Big loves.

So! I’m really curious to see whether I’m feeling so sparky tomorrow morning. Two nights in a row would be amazing! Fingers crossed!!

Cheers to smiling in the morning! -=Dee=-

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