Xyrem Diaries: September 1, 2017

So last night wasn’t as prolific as the first night at this dose…but it was leaps and bounds over how I was sleeping even just a week ago, so I still claim this as a win.

I’m still having trouble falling asleep. I think that’s probably because I’ve used cannabis as my sleep-inducer for several years now. The program I have to join in order to receive Xyrem has a strict no-cannabis policy, so that hasn’t been an option. I see my sleep doc this week, and the Xyrem folks said that with his approval and my medical card, they can make an exception (read: lots of paperwork). So I’ll make my case and hope for the best. I do miss the relief that spoiled me so. Now I have a bunch of pills to treat my fibromyalgia, depression, anxiety, nausea, and digestive issues. I prefer to keep the manufactured chemicals to a minimum, so this treatment path has been raising my anxiety quite a bit. But of course, this plant that grows so easily that we refer to it as “weed” is considered as dangerous as heroin (and more dangerous than meth!?) by the feds, so companies aren’t comfortable allowing (and often not legally allowed to approve) its use. Boo. Grr. No-likey. (But I totally get where the companies are coming from, from a liability standpoint.)

I could get stuck on that rant for days, so I’ll stop there (for now, anyway…). My sleep doc was aware of my cannabis use (mostly high-CBD/low-THC when using medicinally) so I’m hoping he’ll be on-board with letting me go back to something that provides a significant amount of relief for a number of conditions. We shall see…

If all else fails, I can always try the legal CBD products that are available nation-wide. My only hesitation on those has been because those products don’t have the trace amount of THC that helps activate the CBD (much like how calcium helps the body absorb vitamin D). Most living things have cannabinoid receptors in their bodies, and as humans, we’re lucky to have a very robust endocannabinoid system that’s naturally primed to make the most of both THC and CBD. So since my body has grown accustomed to regular relief from both THC and CBD together, I’m concerned it just won’t be as effective. Plus, because I won’t use products that aren’t organic due to pesticide sensitivity, experimenting isn’t cheap. But if all these pharmaceuticals can’t provide the relief that makes being alive feel less like a game and more like a blessing, I’ll certainly keep the legal CBD products on the table.

Cheers to having options! -=Dee=-

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